Uniform shop


‘Lowes’, Kingaroy supply our uniforms.

Phone: (07) 4162 1239

Shop: 41/42 Kingaroy Shopping World, Corner of Alford & Youngman Streets.

Dress code

The school community strongly advocates the universal wearing of school uniforms by students from Prep to Year 9 when at school or when attending school related activities. This supports:

  • a safe environment for learning by enabling ready identification of students
  • the elimination of competition in dress/fashion at school, and
  • a sense of belonging, and minimising visible evidence of economic or social differences.

In responding to students who are inappropriately dressed or do not conform to the policy, the Principal/HOSS may:

offer appropriate items from a bank of uniforms items held at the school

take action that prevents risk to the student, discuss the issue with parents to resolve the issue

impose sanctions, which do not impact on the student’s academic prospects, and

in special circumstances, exempt a student from the requirements of this policy.

Student appearance

Students are to present in a clean and tidy manner. For safety reasons, and to minimise the issues of loss and theft, the following guidelines (adopted by the P & C) apply to the wearing of jewellery:

  • Students may wear one watch, one wrist bangle or chain and one flat signet ring
  • Only one neck chain may be worn inside the line of the shirt
  • Ear rings – 2 studs of studs or small sleepers worn in each ear
  • Only one flat nose stud. NO other facial piercing is allowed
  • Jewellery must be removed for HPE/sport, Manual Arts or other lessons as determined by teachers, in the interests of safety

Students must not expect the school to allow ear rings/piercings just because they have had them done over a school break, and they are 'not ready' to be taken out.

The school uniform adopted by the P&C as follows:

Girls (Prep - 6)

  • Shorts/skorts/skirts (Black)
  • Primary polo shirt
  • White socks
  • Black shoes or clean joggers (preferably black)
  • Winter – black tracksuit pants and other suitable long black pants, with maroon or bottle green jumpers.
  • Note – black tights may only be worn under shorts/skorts with black shoes
  • Students are discouraged from wearing “Skate” (or similar) shoes as they are not good for the long-term health of their feet, legs or back, and not flexible for sport.

Boys (Prep - 6)

  • Shorts (Black)
  • Primary polo shirt
  • Winter – As per girls
  • White socks
  • Black shoes or clean joggers (preferably black)

Years 7 to 9: Girls - “Junior Secondary” shirt

  • Secondary Polo Shirt
  • Shorts/skorts/skirts (Black ) suitable length
  • Socks and shoes – as for primary
  • Winter – As per Primary
  • Note – black tights may only be worn under shorts/skorts with black shoes
  • Note – secondary students may wear a plain black jumper

Years 7 to 9: Boys – “Junior Secondary” shirt

  • Secondary Polo Shirt
  • Shorts (Black)
  • Socks and shoes – as for primary
  • Winter – As per Primary
  • Year 7 to 9 students may be disciplined for NOT following our school dress code


The school provides all new students with a bucket hat. All students are to wear bucket hats. Hat colours are:

  • Prep to Year 6 - bottle green and Years 7 to 9 are black.
  • ALL hats are to be clearly named.  
Last reviewed 12 August 2019
Last updated 12 August 2019